Relative Volume for Ninjatrader 8

Only to be used with minute or daily charts.

The Relative Volume indicator measures the volume of a minute bar or a daily bar against the average volume for the same time of the day over the preceding n days. The indicator comes with two different options to calculate the relative volume:

All_Days: Today’s volume is compared to the average volume of the N preceding business days. The default value is N = 40. With the setting “All_Days” the indicator requires the use of proper trading hours templates which match the trading day of the instrument traded. Trading hours templates that cut the week into arbitrary sessions – such as the session template 24/7 – cannot be handled by the indicator and will trigger an error message.

Day_Of_Week: Today’s volume is compared to the average volume calculated for the same day of the week over the N preceeding weeks. The default value is N = 8. With the setting “Day_Of_Week”, all session templates can be handled.

Relative Volume: The relative volume is shown as a percentage of the average volume calculated over the reference period.

Cumulated ratio: Compares the cumulated volume of the current day to the average cumulated volume of the selected reference period.

Holidays: Holidays as selected via the indicator dialogue box may be excluded from all calculations.

Default settings: Relative volume bars between 80% and 120% of the normal volume are shown as white bars. Higher relative volume bars are shown as blue bars, lower relative volume bars are shown as red bars.

You can request this indicator for free after purchased our paid indicators.