The indicator displays the current open, the initial balance (IB) and upper and lower range bands that are calculated by adding and subtracting fractions of the initial balance to the IB high and IB low.

  • Display Initial Balance (IB)
  • Adding IB 50%, 100%, 200% Extension
  • Display Overnight High/Low
  • Adding Overnight 100% Extension
  • The indicator allows to either display the regular open or the range of the first minute of trading after the start time selected for the opening range.
  • The length of the period for establishing the initial balance can be selected via indicator dialogue box. The default setting is 60 minutes.
  • With an offset of 00:00, the indicator aligns to the start of the selected session. If you enter a positive value for the offset, the opening range will be shifted forward from the session start.
  • the indicator plots the developing range in gray to show that the range is still incomplete.

The indicator is priced at $100
Indicator will only run on NT or later

This will provide you with a Lifetime License to use the indicator on up to 2 machines (additional Machine IDs can be licensed at $35/Machine ID) and full updates for life.

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